Outsourced Payrolls

Make payroll a breeze. If you have a lot of employees, payroll can be difficult. Let us take the stress out of it.

We have been in the payroll business since 2016 and currently manage over 100M in monthly payrolls.

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If your payroll is too complicated, from dealing with salary employees and hourly  paid employees, PAYE and NIS, we have the tools and the expertise to tackle it for you.

How it works. You supply us with a list of your employees, their rates, hours and other variables and we compute your payroll for you. At the end of each pay-period, you will be provided with summary reports, payslips, NIS, PAYE files, direct deposit advices and much more. Additionally your data and processing results are available 24/7 on our online cloud so your information is always at your fingertips.

Friendly staff. Our friendly staff are available to take your calls, should you have any queries or issues about your payroll.

Attendance. If you are doing hourly payrolls and you want to ensure the integrity of your payroll process, we will set up bio-metric time keeping devices for your employees to clock-in/clock-out.

More features. We can auto-email digital payslips to your employees, grant them access to their payroll history and much more.


Pricing will vary according to your plan and features you request. Contact us for a quote.